I specialize in dying and grieving consciously, as a guide.

Death is an old friend of mine. 

Through integrative healing practices, I help people to release pain by neutralizing traumatic experiences so they feel more aligned and at ease.

You are not broken! 

Your reality, like many others, might simply have been too painful or overwhelming to integrate ever since your nervous system first began developing. I help you understand yourself better through the foundations of neurobiology, trauma-informed coaching, human design, numerology, and more to learn your internal YES and NO to feel empowered once again!

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Learning how to have a better relationship with yourself will also give you the permission to have healthier and more balanced relationships with others.

My intention with any offering is to provide you with concise guidance to become self-reliant on your spiritual and healing path.

If you are tired of seeking answers outside of yourself and don’t know where to begin when it comes to looking within, then a session with me may be just what your soul needs.

My intention in having a session with you is to help you help yourself in remembering how to listen to your intuition, body, and emotions – for any situation you may be dealing with; in addition, my abundant archive of knowledge is resourced in session to help you understand what your current practices may be missing.

The Offering

I specialize in dying and grieving consciously, but also identify in being the Healer’s Healer through an integrative process seated in the roots of Shamanic Medicine.

Having lost seven family members to medical malpractice over the first 30 years of my life, I have noticed some very important flaws in our current systemic approach to healing. Regardless of whether you resonate more with allopathic, holistic, psychological, or shamanic medicinal practices, etc. – ALL practices hold the capacity to heal.

An individual’s belief system is the basis of this and often one modality of health is not enough to cultivate TRUE HEALTH in an individual. If you think something is going to help you – it probably will. If you don’t, it probably won’t. Our consciousness is powerful enough to override even the most sound of science – I am living, breathing proof of this and have witnessed this phenomenon ring true for each potential consequence.

Although I attain my knowledge through traditional research, I also possess ancient memory from previous ages of human existence as well as those more esoterically based. What comes out in session is intuitive and based on the individual in front of me. Regardless, I am able to teach you how to use these tools for yourself and what trusting your intuition should FEEL like for you moving forward.

Sometimes I will use various spiritual tools depending on what is intuitively required, but I rarely use physical tools if I don’t feel called to or a need.

Integrated Healing and Coaching Session
with Spiritual Tools
$230 CAD

Does the mountain of spirituality intimidate you?

Do you feel that there is just too much information to be able to discern what is right for you?

How would you feel if you were given a ‘user manual’ for your life?

In this 1 hour session I will pull up your Human Design ($200 value), your Birth Chart ($100 value), as well as your Birth Numerology ($100 value). These tools I will also send to you for your reference after our session and teach you how to continue your journey with them moving forward. As stated above, my goal in session with you is to leave you more self-reliant so that you are no longer aimlessly trying to seek answers through any reader or spiritual coach moving forward. If we are having our session in-person, I will occasionally lay hands based on if I am showing you how to do the same for yourself moving forward. The session also includes energetic attunement and embodiment to your Highest Self.

I teach you how to study your own personal experiment and live it through.

Understanding how to use your Human Design type and strategy as well as seeing what patterns you are naturally drawn to will help you discern what is truly in your best-interest moving forward. I provide you the basics and teach you how to dive deeper for yourself. Depending on what your intention is in seeing me, the remainder of our session together will encompass a guided meditation or Shamanic journey for soul-retrieval, ancestral healing, or inter- and intra-personal integration. This aspect of session is intuitively guided from my Shamanic and Coach-Healer training ($300 value).

Based on what comes up and what I see you may need, I am able to recommend resources or next steps for you along your journey. I am quite skilled in recognizing appropriate necessary treatments that an individual may benefit from, that I am unable to personally provide due to how that type of healing affects me and my well-being.

You are requesting this type of session from me for a specific reason that may include any of the following: understanding of a pattern or situation you keep finding yourself in, what you may need to know regarding your career or life purpose, aid in comprehending the reasons for someone’s transition from this physical plane, or simply why a particular physical ailment may keep coming back to haunt you.

Do you feel as though you are just on the verge of leaping into your true potential, but something is missing?

Are you ready for the shock you need to hear that will push you to change and shift?

How would it feel to be confident in your intuition and unapologetically trusting of yourself again?

At the basis of our existence is energy and my energy brings shock to create the potential for change for those who are ready. This does not mean that people on the receiving end don’t react with a gasp, but on a deeper level, they have been waiting for the shock to move them to change. This is just energy at work, and my shock needs a receptor – so please, do not book a session with me if you are not open to the possibility of change.

This completes the services I am open to offering for the time being, and hopefully provides you with confidence in choosing me as your spiritual facilitator and teacher. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or clarification you may require.

You may book a session through the link in my headers at the top of my website, the links in the bottom of the site, or the following button:

You are also welcome to send me an email directly to [email protected] if something in my scheduler does not work for you. Feel free to follow any of my social media links on this page as well and reach out to me there, if you prefer. Thank you!

Eternal Love and Infinite Peace ✌️