About Me

Hello and welcome to Thriving Through Trauma. My name is Katie-Christina Tougas, but I typically go by Katie. I’m sort of an anomaly of a person, and I’ve only more recently come to terms with just how unconventional I am.. Alas, so much of my life has encompassed my obsession with the attainment of knowledge. I love to learn and I’ve sort of gotten stuck in this perpetual-student type of habitual pattern. Now I’m finally beginning to use the skills I have learned and attained over the years to share my knowledge with you.

So, who am I and what do I do? I simply am, but that won’t mean much to you without some context. I am a remarkable and powerful woman with an incredible sense of authority. I have a strong, courageous, and determined nature that has helped me overcome my deep history of trauma and chaos. Now, my tenacity and drive are the very things that allow me to lead others.

I am a caregiver and in learning how to love myself unconditionally, I am able to demonstrate this to others while in session. I am a highly-sensitive person with a beautiful gift to see into the other and identify whatever issue may be arising in their current systemic approach. I am then able to guide and nurture the individual in front of me according to their respective human design and needs. If this intrigues you, please read on to learn about my qualifications and specific approach to one-on-one healing.

Having been raised and co-created by a very skilled healer in massage therapy, osteopathy, cranial-sacral, manual lymph drainage, reflexology, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, and spiritual healing through therapeutic touch; I learned an abundance of information regarding essential spiritual healing from the time my soul dropped into her womb. In addition, my father was a skilled salesperson, custom home-builder, and martial artist, so my attitude and patience is also well-developed.

Even as a child, I vividly remember lost souls coming to me (between the ages of 2-4) and asking for help – that they lost their bodies and would like to use mine. I kindly told them, “No, no thank you, but I could help you find your way back home?” They were my imaginary friends that I referred to as Shadows at the time. I later learned in my childhood that both of my parents had this gift, but did not really practice with it or fully understand it… I witnessed them unconsciously take on these entities as their own and did not truly understand to what degree they had until long after their deaths.

I had and still aspire to become a physician, since I was 5 years old. So, I began my journey reading medical and psychology textbooks from the age of 8 – I still do this readily. In high school, my focus was on math and science and I decided to take my University career into the field of Neuropsychology. Following the 8 years it took for me to finish my Honours degree (due to the influx of trauma and chaos in my life experience) and the loss of my second parent in 2017, I invested heavily into myself in order to heal. In the last 4 years since my mother’s death, I not only paid off my OSAP loans from school and her/my father’s quarter million dollars worth of personal debt, but I invested an additional $50,000+ into my own healing and education through EMDR therapy and attaining certifications of practice.

What I have attained thus far is as follows:


Honours Bachelor of Science from Brock University in Neuropsychology, focus in Biology and Psychology

Second Honours Bachelor of Science (double major) from Brock University
in Chemistry and Physics (in progress)

Continuing education credits from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine (NICABM) in the fields of:
Polyvagal Theory, Neurobiology of Trauma, Neurobiology and Treatment of Shame, Treating Dissociation, and Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher from Better Days Now with Melissa Maher

Certified in Money Manifestation, Healing and Relationships, Intuition, and Spiritual Mastery through Thrive 365 from Academy of Light
with Tara Antler and King Gabriel Collymore

Certified Ascension Meditation Facilitator from Academy of Light
with Tara Antler and King Gabriel Collymore

Certified Ascension Coach and Healer from Academy of Light
with Tara Antler and King Gabriel

I am by no means a licensed or registered psychologist or therapist and my sessions are not a replacement for professional or medical aid in the treatment of your trauma.